25 Creative Marketing Ideas and Tactics for an Open House

by: breakthroughbroker.com | 19 January 2017

25 Creative Marketing Ideas and Tactics for an Open House

Use the ideas below to enhance your attendance rate and elevate the level of engagement at your next open house!

Marketing Ideas

  1. Turn the open house into an event on Facebook and use the invite function to invite your friends or followers to the event.
  2. Promote the open house to renters. Although this may seem difficult, it can be much easier than you think! Here’s how…
  3. Place open house ground signs around the neighborhood three days before the event and use a website like EZ Texting to generate a “Text to learn more” phone number.
  4. Use a website like Evite to create an invite you can email to your sphere.
  5. Use 25-30 eye level signs at every right turn within a mile of the property. Not sure about the science behind this, but the results are in and it works!
  6. Call your sphere! Often times the power of picking up the phone is underestimated when it comes to open house marketing.
  7. Take a video tour of the open house and send it to all attendees after the event. This is great way to keep the property top of mind with interested prospects.
  8. With the help of a lender, create a finance option sheet and attach it to a takeaway brochure.
  9. If you have personal promotional materials like pens, mugs, etc., be sure to place them out at the event.
  10. Advertise the open house on Craigslist. Be strategic about how you place the information in the title of the post, look at how others are doing it and do it a little different!

Engaging Event Ideas

  1. If the house is empty or needs updated art work, use art from a local artist and turn the open house into an exhibit.
  2. Search for a graduating Interior Designer and ask if they would be interested in adding to their portfolio by re-designing or staging the house.
  3. Theme the event based on the location, style, and theme of the house. For example, if there is a pool on the property, theme the event a "Backyard Oasis."
  4. Have a raffle. For giveaway ideas, work with local businesses who offer specialized services and ask if they would be interested in providing the prize.
  5. People love their pets! Consider making small goodie bags with custom made dog treats. Hole punch your business card and close the goodie bag with a ribbon and card attached.
  6. Ask someone who works in the industry if they would be interested in hosting the event with you. These include Mortgage or Title professionals, cleaning services, roofing companies, ect.
  7. Provide food and beverages according to the season. For example, hot cider during the winter and lemonade during the summer.
  8. This is an obvious one, but there is nothing wrong with baking cookies before the open house and letting the scent take up the airwaves.
  9. If there are several properties for sale in one neighborhood, ask the other representing agents if they would be interested in hosting an Open House Block Party.
  10. Does your client want to sell some of their furniture or belongings before they move? Turn the open house into a mini estate sale.
  11. Have a testimonial sheet! Prior to the open house consider asking surrounding neighbors to state what they love most about living in the neighborhood. Attach the testimonials to the take away material.
  12. Do something fun for the kids. Ideas include setting up a color station, providing sweet treats, or having balloons available.
  13. Co-host the event with a wine specialist. This would add a level of finesse to the event while also making you look like a badass agent.
  14. Schedule the open house at a different time than everyone else. Great times to consider would be on the weekdays from 11am-2pm or from 5pm-8pm.
  15. Ask your clients if there is a neighborhood garage sale in the future . If so, host the sale at the property while also having the home open for visitors.

Keep in mind if you are doing any of the engaging event ideas listed above, be sure to market it on your invites!