Buyer & Seller

Buyer & Seller


It does not matter to us if you are a looking to purchase your very first home, your 100th investment property, a ranch or a lake house. Whenever you have entered into a Real Estate transaction as a buyer, it can be nerve wracking. That's usually because you don't have the information flowing to you in a manner or at a frequency that you are comfortable with. We get it. Everyone of us here with our group has purchased a home, we know what its like.

If you give us a chance, you're going to see a difference. You are going to get treated as if your transaction is the only one that we are working on. Because we take a team approach to all of our transactions, it allows us to blanket our clients with customer service and attention. You are never working with just one individual. You could be working with Danielle, but you will always have Dave's phone number. You might have Stacey working on your transaction, but Andy could be backing her up.

You are never alone and you will never feel like you cannot reach someone in a timely manner. Questions just cannot go unanswered when you are the buyer. No one has time for that, and certainly not our clients. You're time is the most precious gift you have. We understand that and we will not take it for granted.

Please let us help you and guide you through your next purchase. We know that you are making a big commitment here and we want this transaction to be your best one ever. 


If you have ever had your home listed then you know all about the emotional roller coaster that goes with being a Seller. You get your home clean and ready. You have landscaping and sprucing done to the yard. Your agent hires a photographer and your home hits the market. Sometimes, you'll get multiple showings in that first day. Sometimes you'll get a full price offer in the first week. Sometimes your home sits, and sits.....AND showings, no feedback, no communication with your Realtor, you are basically in limbo. You really like your realtor, and perhaps you are personal friends and you've known one another for years. BUT, you struggle with the hard conversation that needs to be had, or you don't feel like you are getting the whole picture. Does this sound familiar?

We want you to know that when you list your home with us this is a business transaction that we take with the utmost seriousness.  

Yes, we will be friends, but the bottom line is that we work for you. You are the boss and your wishes and directions are carried out first and foremost.

We don't struggle being held accountable to our clients. We expect to be and we know that if you do not deliver on what you promise in the first listing appointment, you will never keep a client happy. We set realistic expectations with our clients from our first appointment. We spend time explaining how the whole process is going to work start to finish and we pay special attention to the details that are important to you and your family.

Communication is key and you will hear from us regularly and we pick up the phone when you call. We are relentless on getting feedback from other agents who have shown your property and we are tenacious in our ability to negotiate honestly and fairly for our clients when an offer is presented.

You have a choice and we'd love the opportunity to meet with you and show you how we are different.